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Knitting Industry Will Promote 4 Priority Projects

Posted: 04/20/2016 05:04:51 Edited: 04/20/2016 05:04:51Clicks: 3655

On April 13, The Plan of Knitting Industry for 13th Five Year Plan was officially released. The Plan summarized the achievement of knitting industry during the period of 12th Five Year Plan and pointed out the faced situation. Meanwhile, it also put forward the developing objectives, key tasks and priority projects of knitting industry during 13th Five Year Plan.
The Plan points out that knitting industry will maintain high growth rate during the period of 13th Five Year Plan. Industrial structure will be optimized roundly and industrial distribution will be more reasonable. Export will maintain stable growth. Total export value of the whole industry will be maintained about 100 million dollars. For going-out strategy carrying out further, foreign investment will increase slightly.
Based on data from National Statistics, in 2015, there were 5,739 knitted enterprises above designated size in China. Revenues of main businesses were 717.258 billion RMB, growing by 24.42% compared with 2011. Annual average compound growth rate was 5.61%. Total profit was 39.836 billion RMB, increasing by 38.25% compared with 2011. Annual average compound growth rate was 8.43%. The growth rate of the whole industry is slightly slower than that during the 11th Five Year Plan. Percentage of loss-incurring enterprises was about 11%. Asset-liability ratio was remained about 55%. In summary, economic operation of enterprise above designated size maintain steady growth tendency. 
Supporting role of domestic market to Chinese knitting industry is constantly growing. Among that, domestic sale proportion of knitting enterprises above designated size had been increased from 64.48% in 2011 to 72.62% in 2015. The annual domestic sale proportion increases by 8.14%.
The Plan puts forward four priority projects of knitting industry during the period of 13th Five Year Plan: smart factory, green manufacturing, brand advancement and global distribution.
Smart factory
Smart factory is a new stage of information application for modern factory. Through automation, intelligent equipment to meet enterprise managing requirements, smart factor uses the new generation of information technology including internet of things, cloud computing and big data and depends on information technology processing to realize collection of production data and centralized control of production plan. It changes the method of production organization in traditional enterprises, structuring efficient, energy saving, green, comfort, intelligent and humanized enterprises. 
Green manufacturing
Complete upgrade system of green manufacturing. Green manufacturing requires that the whole product period including raw materials, design, manufacturing and packaging, transportation, utilization and scrapping has the least negative impact on environment and has the highest utilization efficiency of resources, coordinating and optimizing economic benefit of enterprises and social benefits. Green knitting includes knitting raw materials, energy saving advanced processing technology, green production, advanced treatment of dyeing wastewater and recycling of resources. 
Brand advancement
Improve creative design ability of products. Enhance the holding on fashion trends of yarns, fabrics and clothing. Guided by advanced idea, use various effective research methods to form good atmosphere of creative design. Highly improve the level of creative design on knitting clothing and strengthen depth communication and cooperation between fabric designers and product designer. Encourage crossover brand enterprises to communicate and learn each other, forming seamless joint of creative resources and making knitting clothing develop into fashion, individuation and diversification. Intensify the design and development of knitted clothing or knitted fabrics to meet requirements of brand enterprises or designers. Improve additional value of knitted products. Reinforce the closed cooperation between upstream and downstream R&D center. Learn foreign fashion trend and combine with Chinese traditional culture, cultivating innovative industry having national features. Unite with brand enterprises to launch dynamic show of knitted clothing. Setting design awards in knitting industry, stimulate enthusiasm and initiative of creative design.
Global distribution
Balance transferring of low-end capacity and high-end capacity. Lead enterprises to go out. Through investigation on countries along One Belt and One Road, especially Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa and policies of knitting industry, guide Chinese superior enterprises to properly transfer their low-end capacity to the regions having competitive advantages of factor costs and policy environment, rebuilding or updating production capacity of enterprises. Encourage enterprises to use superior resources in transferred regions through taking full advantages of own capitals and technical advantages to realize transnational operation and international optimal configuration of resources for Chinese knitting industry.
Knitting Industry Will Promote 4 Priority Projects