Double-sided circular knitting is knitting machine with two syringes

the syringe is a ( commonly known as the needle plate ) , a lower cylinder and is perpendicular configuration, that needle and syringe tray 90 degrees vertical configuration. It mainly has the following types .

First, the rib machine :

Rib machine is a special type of double-sided knitting machine . It has a +1 needle tract ( dial a needle tract , a syringe needle tract ) , ( 2 +2 ) pin channel , ( 2 +4 ) needle tract , and ( 4 +4 ) pin tract . Triangle and use needles and yarn permutations mutual arrangement , to weave the production of new knitted fabrics.

Second, ordinary double-sided knitting machine :

Interlock circular knitting machine , also known as common -sided , multi-functional machine, universal knitting machine, which has a +1 needle tract ( dial a needle tract , a syringe needle tract ) , ( 2 +2 ) pin channel , ( 2 +4 ) needle tract , and ( 4 +4 ) pin tract . Introduction of the new circular knitting enterprises , in order to produce more varieties , mostly ( 2 +4 ) circular knitting needle tract -based, it is the use of the triangle and the knitting needles and yarn to each other permutations arranged to weave production of new knitted fabrics.

Three, two-sided jacquard circular knitting machine :

Double jacquard jacquard circular knitting machine with a small and large jacquard two species.

1 small double jacquard circular knitting machine :

Small jacquard circular knitting machine , knitting machinery enterprise called Jacquard , it changes varieties simple, convenient , fast, but low-speed , low yields. It has a jacquard wheel ( commonly known as the flower disc ) , paddle ( pendulum -piece ) , Drum , Blade several, to produce various kinds of single-sided mini jacquard woven fabrics, with the ordinary rib, double-sided and shift rings and other small -sided jacquard .

2 large double jacquard circular knitting machine :

Large double jacquard circular knitting machine , commonly known as computer jacquard knitting machine , because it is the floppy disk into the computer design affectation good input program can be woven production, it is also known as fool knitting machine . The machine uses a computer program to select knitting needles knitting , weaving and tuck no , there are two power -bit ( floating line and a circle , a circle and tuck ) and three power position ( all the way at the same time you can knit , tuck and float ) of the points, used to weave pattern of large-scale production of knitted fabrics , yarn and can change colors, four colors , five colors , six colors and eight colors of each transform sided with large jacquard , jacquard wool circle , jacquard sweater, shifting circle jacquard and other play type .

Computer jacquard circular knitting machine greatly shorten the product design cycle , reduce product costs knitting machine , greatly improve product quality, is to improve economic and social benefits , while improved corporate competitiveness and resilience.

There are also some special knitting machine , circular knitting circle that moves (with rib- shifting circle , one-sided shift circle knitting machine , double shifting circle knitting machine , etc. ) , double-sided terry ( ie, both sides have terry fabric effect ) , for cylinder single machine ( ie, purl knitting machine ) .