Common Faults in Spreading Fabrics

Spreading fabrics is the process that lays fabrics one over one on spreading table. Various faults can be caused on the fabrics during spreading, which should be identified.

Common faults in spreading fabrics: The following are the common faults during spreading fabrics.
1. Slub: Slub is a kind of faults caused by wrong spinning process. However, some times, slub is used as fashion. For that, slub is found after a defined interval.
2. Fly yarn: Fly yarn which is found with the main yarn, is a knitting or woven fault. For that, fabric manufacturing should be kept clean.
3. End out: A weaving fault is found in weft yarn.
4. Double yarn or mixed yarn: A weaving fault is found in the warp yarn direction.
5. Miss prick: A weaving fault is caused by missing of the weft yarn in the fabric.
6. Shading: A dyeing fault
7. Spots: A dyeing fault found in the dyed fabric.
8. Stains: Stains caused by soil mark.
9. Crease mark: A finishing fault.
10. Holes: A knitting fault.

Post: Common Faults in Spreading Fabrics
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