Computerized Knife Cutter Introduction

Computerized knife cutter is a kind of cutting instruments which are used for cutting fabric in garment industry

Principles of computerized knife cutter: The followings are the principles of computerized knife cutter.
Firstly, CAD makes a marker.
Secondly, auto spreader spreads fabric.
Then, a special cutting table is used for knife cutter.
Lastly, CAD cooperates with CAM to run the computerized knife cutter machine.

Procedures of computerized knife cutter:
1. Knife cutter uses a perforated table.
2. An air suction unit is available under the perforated table.
3. A beam is placed widthwise on the table to runs lengthwise.
4. Beam contents a knife to move the table widthwise.
5. When switch is on the cutter, then cutting start at the starting point and cutting continued until finish the marker in CAD

Advantages: Computerized knife cutter is quite suitable for high quality cutting.

1. Computerized knife cutter needs high investment cost.
2. This cutting system needs skilled operator.

Post: Computerized Knife Cutter Introduction
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