Three Methods Used for Cutting Fabrics

In garments industry, assembling different parts of fabric through sewing makes a garment. Sew different apparel accessories. Cutting fabrics is performed after fabrics having been spread. Incorrect cutting can make various garment faults.

Methods of cutting fabrics: Three methods are used for cutting fabrics.

1. Completely manual method: Completely manual method is unavailable in garments industry. This method is used for tailoring purpose to cut fabrics. It is a completely manual method of cutting fabric, which needs more for cutting.
2. Manually operated powered knife method: Use a knife to cut fabrics. Knife is placed at the head of the cutting machine, which is the most used methods in apparel industry for cutting fabrics.
3. Computerized methods: Computerized method becomes popular for cutting fabrics. All programs are loaded to the computer. Then, the computer performs activities which are loaded.

The followings are the process of cutting fabrics:
1.Fabric Spreading
2.Marker placing at the top
3.Fabric cutting
5.Numbering and checking
6.Parts replacing
8.Input to sewing section

Cutting fabrics has great influence on sewing section. Cutting fabrics can be classified based on the size of the fabrics. After sorting, numbering and checking are performed in case of any types of mistakes. Dyed fabrics vary from one a lot to another although they are dyed by the same dyes. Shade is also varying from layer to layer. Nevertheless, additional care should be taken during numbering. Numbering is used for avoiding the shade variation of the fabric. Then, parts are separated and made a bundle for sending to swing section.

Post: Three Methods Used for Cutting Fabrics
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