Usages of Jute Fiber

As a kind of natural cellulosic fiber, jute fiber is different from other textile fiber while it is quit similar to flax plant. Jute fiber whose length is 0.2 to 30 inch, comes from jute plant. Jute fiber is hard. For that, it needs to be softened before being used for making yarn. The process of spinning jute fiber is also different from others.

Jute fiber which is spun is widely used. Jute is a kind of eco-friendly materials which is welcomed by people. Moreover, jute fiber is cheaper than other textile fibers.

Usages of jute fiber: Jute fiber is used as raw materials for various types of decorative jute goods. Jute fiber which has high quality is made into curtains and furnishing fabrics. Jute can be mixed with wool for fine yarn and fabric production.

The followings are the usages of jute fiber:
1. Sacks
2. Bags
3. Bailing and bundle cloths
4. Wrapping
5. Bedding foundation
6. Boot and shoe linings
7. Tailors back packing
8. Camp beds
9. Tarpaulins
10. Cables
11. Filter cloths
12. Fuse yarns
13. Hand bags and all types of stiff bags
14. Horse covers
15. Aprons of all heavy types
16. Iron, steel, tube and rod wrappings
17. Canal linings
18. Mail bags
19. Motor linings
20. Needle felts
21. Roofing felts
22. Rope
23. Covering fabrics
24. Tyre wrapping
25. Upholstery foundation
26. Strings of all types
27. ETC

Mixed with cotton fiber, jute fiber is called as jutex technology. The process which makes various types of course fabric cost less, compared with completely cotton made fabrics. Raw green jute can be also used for making paper.

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