Process of Spinning Jute Fiber

As a kind of natural fibers, jute fiber is hard than other textile fibers. The process of spinning jute fiber is different from other spinning.

Jute fiber is a kind of natural fibers which is eco-friendly. For worldwide demand in different country, jute products are manufactured by a line of sequence. The process of spinning jute fiber is completely different from cotton. The followings are the process of spinning jute fiber.

Selection of jute for a batch:
1.(According to jute grade)Piecing up
2.Softening or Lubricating
3.(Application of emulsion on jute)Batching
4.(Piling of jute for certain time)Breaker Card
5.(Inter Card is used between this two)Finisher Card
6.(It may be half or full circular)First Drawing Frame
7.Second Drawing Frame
8.Third or Finisher Drawing Frame
10.(For fine yarn)Spinning Frame
11.(Apron draft or Slip draft)Winding
12.(Roll winding & Cop winding)Beaming
13.(For warp yarn of cloth)Weaving
14.(Insertion of warp & weft yarn)Damping

Some additional steps can be added for meeting buyers’ requirements, which can change the count of yarn. The process varies on types of products, such as CBC, Hessian and Sacking.

Post: Process of Spinning Jute Fiber
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