Process of Mercerizing Knitted Fabrics

Mercerizing is an additional process which can improve the physical and chemical properties of knitted fabrics. For dyeing knitted fabrics, mercerizing is before dyeing. Mercerized fabrics are more suitable than unmercerized fabrics. Mercerizing depends on the buyers’ requirements, which is not common for cotton fabrics. It is done for the sophisticated fabric. The machine is vertical type which consists of vertical washing chamber.

Types of mercerizing process: Three stages of the products can adopt mercerizing
>Grey mercerization (Knitted fabrics before dyeing)
>Fabric mercerization (Yarn dyed fabric)
>Collar & Cuff mercerization.

Frequency of mercerization: Mercerizing process can be classified into single mercerization and double mercerization.

Process of mercerizing knitted fabrics:
1)Fabric entered in mercerizing machine
2)Impregnation in reaction chamber
3)Hot wash
5)Hot wash

Post: Process of Mercerizing Knitted Fabrics
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